Friday, February 12, 2010

ING Electric Orange - $50 Bonus!

Hey everyone!!  ING is back and they have a $50 promotion for those that want to start an account with them.  It currently expires 2/15/2010, and requires you to have 3 transactions using the debit/credit card within the first 45 days, and on the 50th day, the bonus will be deposited.  The 3 transactions must be "signature" transactions, those that you say "credit" to.  The promo code is ELEC224.  For Further confirmation and details: ING

If you catch this blog AFTER the expiration date, here is a link to get a $25.00 bonus for opening either an Electric Orange Account or Orange Savings account (minimum deposit for this bonus is $250).  Good Luck and comment and/or message with questions!

ING Electric Orange Link
ING Orange Savings Link - Currently Yield is 1.20%

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