Sunday, February 14, 2010

Top Savings Account Rates as of 2/14/2010

Listed Below are the top rates for Savings/Money Market Accounts as of February 14, 2010

American Express Bank FSB:  1.50% ($0 Minimum)
Capital One Interest Plus:         1.45% (Minimum $2,500 balance)
Ally Bank:                                1.44% ($0 Minimum)
FNBO Direct:                           1.40% ($1 Minimum)                     1.31% ($1 Minimum)
EverBank:                                 2.25% for first 3 Months, drops to 1.28% ($5,000 Min. to avoid fees)
HSBC Advance:                       1.20% ($1 Minimum)
ING Orange Savings:               1.20% ($1 Minimum)

I currently have an account with ING and EverBank and both have been extremely wonderful.  Check out my post as well for the ING deposit bonuses!  Please feel free to comment or send an e-mail! Thanks!

-Lanny B.

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